Terms of use
ReLiSimple Account Usage Terms
Your ReLiSimple account can be used for the following:
- Synchronize your recipes and shopping lists with different devices such as your iPad, iPhone, PC or Mac.
- Use the Web based ReLiSimple application to maintain your recipes and shopping lists.
- Share your recipes with the world on ReLiSimple’s public Web site.
When you share your recipes with the world you are explicitly stating that the recipes you share did not come from copyrighted sources. This means that they are either personally created (your own invention), personally known (for example a family recipe) or in the public domain (freely sharable). It is your responsibility to ensure that this is the case as we have no way of verifying if something is actually copyrighted material.
The recipes and shopping lists that you create in your account are only visible by you and are not viewed or reviewed by us in any way. However, the recipes that are submitted to be shared are reviewed before becoming publicly visible. We reserve the right to deny making public any submitted recipe. We also reserve the right to modify any submitted recipe before or after it has been made public. Normally we leave submitted recipes exactly as they were submitted (with spelling errors and everything), however we commonly modify the recipe’s assigned categories to better fit with other existing recipe’s categories.
We will do our best to keep the ReLiSimple Web site running to be able to search for new recipes, use the Web based ReLiSimple application and synchronize your local devices. However, this is a goal and is in no way a guarantee of service.
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