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 Buri Soup
     1/2 chicken  2 carrots
     1 medium onion  2 leeks
     1 handful parsley  1  celery stalk
     1 tablespoon olive oil  salt (to taste)
     1 bread slice  2 tablespoons cornmeal
     2 egg yolks  2 tablespoons grated cheese
     1 tablespoon chopped parsley  ground pepper (to taste)
1. Place chicken in a large pot and add 2 liters of water, the carrots, onion, leeks, celery and a handful of parsley.
2. Season with salt and cook on low heat until chicken is tender.
3. Remove pot from heat and set aside the chicken and carrots. Strain the broth.
4. Remove bones from chicken, dice and divide into two parts.
5. Place one part in a bowl and add: the bread soaked in milk, cornmeal, egg yolks, grated cheese, chopped parsley, salt and pepper.
6. Mix and make little meatballs (the size of an olive).
7. Place the broth in a pot with the rest of diced chicken and take to the burner. Once it starts boiling, add the meatballs carefully. Cook for 20 minutes.
8. Slice the carrots and stir fry them in hot oil.
9. Add carrots to the soup and serve.
 Categories:  Soups, Chicken, Argentine
 Estimated Serving:  6
 Estimated preparation time:  120 min.
 Language:  English
 Shared by:  AnaPau    2009/01/26
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