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 Loin steak with beer
     2 pounds loin steak  2 medium onions
     1 garlic clove  2 cups stout beer
     50 grs. flour  1 cup beef broth
     2 tomatoes  1/2 teaspoon hot powder chili
     1 teaspoon sugar  1/2 tablespoon vinegar
     ground nutmeg (to taste)  300 grs. fresh mushrooms
     4 tablespoons oil  salt (to taste)
     pepper (to taste)  3 cups rice
Loin steak with beer
1. Peel the onions and finely chop them.
2. Wash the mushrooms and slice them.
3. Crush the garlic clove and mix it with salt and the hot powder chili.
4. Cut the meat in large pieces and pound them a bit. Sprinkle with flour both sides, and fry them in a pot with hot oil, just enough to seal the meat.
5. Incorporate the onions, and when they are transparent add the chopped tomatoes and the rest of the ingredients.
6. Stir with a wooden spoon. Cover and cook at low heat for about 30 minutes, or until the meat is tender.
7. Cook the rice as desired. Serve the meat with the rice.
 Categories:  Belgium, Beef
 Estimated Serving:  4
 Estimated preparation time:  75 min.
 Language:  English
 Shared by:  AnaPau    2008/11/13
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