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 BBQ Beer Can Chicken
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BBQ Beer Can Chicken
Getting Your Gas Grill Ready

To avoid any flare-ups you will want to cook the chicken or chickens using indirect heat. To do this start your grill and heat it up to 400°F. When you have your chickens ready to go turn off the middle burner leaving the two side burners on.

Getting Your Chicken Ready

Pour half of the beer out of the can and either drink it or give it to someone else to drink, please don’t waste the beer. Wash off the beer can. Depending on the spices you are going to use, measure out about a tablespoon of the spices and add them into the beer can. Wash the chicken or chickens and spice the cavity and the outside of the bird. I personally like to slip garlic cloves under the skin of the chicken, but that just depends on if you like garlic or not. Place the beer can into the roasting device and then firmly push the chicken onto the device sitting on top of the beer can roaster.

Turn your grill burners to medium and set a foil pan on the center of the grill. Place your chickens on top of the foil pan, close lid and cook until chicken reaches 180 F. You can check this using a meat thermometer. You do not need to baste the chicken while it is cooking, as the juices will flow down and over the bird as it cooks. One done remove the chickens carefully and let them sit about five minutes before carving.

If you are totally apposed to beer, you can use any type of can that will fit into the device. Add some type of liquid and spices to the can
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