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 Canapes of varied smoked fish and caviar
     2 packages canape bun  2 trays smoked salmon
     2 trays smoked trout  2 cans anchovy
     1 can caviar substitutes  1 large tomato
     seedless olives to taste  thyme to taste
     mayonnaise to taste  
Salmon and trout canapes:
- Spread the buns with mayonnaise and cut the salmon and trout into little pieces
not too large and put over, like a scarf, sprinkle a little thyme over some
Anchovy canapes:
- Spread the buns with mayonnaise, cut the tomatoes into slices and put a slice
over each bun, put an anchovy on top and an olive.
Caviar canapes:
- Spread the buns with mayonnaise and spread on top with a bit of "caviar".
- Serve the varied canapes in several trays with a bit of each one in each tray
and put them along the table.
 Categories:  Appetizer, Fish
 Estimated Serving:  8
 Estimated preparation time:  25 min.
 Language:  English
 Shared by:  Bianca    2011/05/03
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