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 Eye round to milk
     1 1/2 kg eye round steak  1 cup white wine
     2 tablespoons lard or butter  salt and pepper to taste
     150 g prosciutto  2 leaves sage
     1/2 cup beef broth  1/2 liter milk
     1 tablespoon corn starch  2 tablespoons oil
     cooked ham to taste  
Eye round to milk
1- Put the butter and oil and brown on all sides the clean eye round.
2- Add wine, some freshly ground pepper, sage leaves and beef broth (or dilute 1/2
cube of beef broth in a half cup of water).
3- Cook in a pressure cooker for 45 minutes.
4- After this time put the pot under a heavy stream of cold water until the
pressure of the pot ends.
5- Open the pressure cooker, add milk little by little and the prosciutto into
medium pieces and cook 10 more minutes with uncovered pressure cooker.
6- Then add the corn starch dissolved in 3 tablespoons of milk, leave in low heat
for another 10 minutes.
7- Remove the eye round to a bowl and cut into slices of 1/2 centimeter.
8- With a mixer beat quickly the sauce of the meat until creamy.
9- Put the meat in a dish and sprinkle the creamy sauce.
10- Over the served dish, you can decorate with cooked ham, cut into larger
 Categories:  Bovine, Sauces
 Estimated preparation time:  30 min.
 Language:  English
 Shared by:  luana    2011/03/24
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