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 Carbonara de buey (Beef stew)
     1 kg beef steak  1 kg onion
     1/2 liter beer  5 tablespoons oil
     4 shank bones  4 tablespoons flour
     salt to taste  ground black pepper to taste
* Flour the beef and fry lightly on hot oil, remove and reserve on heat.
* Peel the onions, cut into strips and saute in the same oil which fried the beef,
over low heat until it begins to golden brown.
* Wash the bones and add to the saucepan along with the onion.
* Wet with beer and cook for 20 minutes.
* Place the steak in the saucepan again, season and continue cooking over low
heat, until the meat is very tender.
* About 30 minutes or until it is to your liking.
* Serve with potato puree or to taste.
 Categories:  Bovine, Swiss
 Estimated Serving:  6
 Estimated preparation time:  90 min.
 Language:  English
 Shared by:  paula    2011/02/16
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