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 Holiday Peppermint Bark
     12 ounces Nestle White Chocolate Morsels  24 Hard Peppermint Candies
Line baking sheet with waxed paper.
Unwrap 24 hard peppermint candies & place in 1 quart heavy plastic sealed bag. Crush candies with heavy object(steak tenderizer)then place into a large strainer. Melt white chocolate morsels in top of double boiler & mix with a wooden spoon until smooth & creamy then shake strainer of candies over the melted chocolate to let candie "dust" fall into the chocolate mix & mix well. Also add some of the hard candy when mixing. Spread the bark mixture over the waxed paper & sprinkle the remaining hard candy pieces over the top & pat down with wooden spoon. Allow to cool for approx. 1 hour then loosen from the waxed paper & break into pieces & place on a decorative serving tray.
The pieces can also be wrapped in colored or decorative cellophane & tied with a ribbon & tag & given as a last minute gift.
 Categories:  Christmas, Candies
 Estimated preparation time:  10 min.
 Language:  English
 Shared by:  KnittinNana    2010/12/22
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