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 Colombian stew
     800 g rib (beef)  1 chicken (chopped)
     1 kg pork (tail)  500 g white cabbage
     3 carrots  3 leeks
     2 corn cobs  2 plantains
     6 common potatoes  2 cassavas (small)
     1 scallions (slice)  1 sprig coriander
     chopped parsley to taste  2 cloves garlic
     1 cup hogao (fried onions and tomato)  cumin to taste
     cooking dye to taste  pepper to taste
     salt to taste  
- Place ribs in a pressure cooker, cover with water and cook for 30 minutes.
Remove the rib pieces and pour the broth into a large deep pot.
- Add to the pot more boiling water over ribs broth, add chopped carrots, chopped
leeks, sliced corn, sliced plantains, washed potatoes, washed and dried cabbage,
chopped cassava, onion, coriander, finely chopped cloves garlic, dye to taste,
cumin, salt and pepper.
- Add the chicken and pig tail, and cook until chicken is tender. Remove from pan
and continue cooking until everything is tender, taking away the surface
impurities that float.
- Add ribs again and chicken, cook 5 minutes.
- To serve, place all dry ingredients in small groups on a serving platter and
drizzle with hogao.
- Serve the broth separately, in cups for soup, place the parsley on top.
 Categories:  Bovine, Chicken, Colombian, Pork, Stew
 Estimated Serving:  6
 Estimated preparation time:  120 min.
 Language:  English
 Shared by:  fabrizio    2010/11/20
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