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     800 g veal hip (pieces)  1 large onion
     4 tablespoons olive oil  2 tablespoons paprika
     2 cloves garlic  3 tablespoons flour
     3 cups beef broth  1 tablespoon fresh basil (chopped)
     1/2 teaspoon thyme  salt to taste
     ground pepper to taste  
- Heat half the oil over medium heat in an iron skillet or pan suitable for oven
heat and brown half the meat, season.
- Remove the meat, add the remaining oil and brown the remaining meat. Reserve.
- Add the onion, peeled and cut into rings, to the skillet and brown over medium
heat 8 minutes, stirring occasionally.
- Add pressed garlic and paprika, stir well and cook 8 minutes over medium heat.
- Return the browned meat in the fountain, sprinkle with flour, mix well, fry 4
minutes on low heat.
- Incorporate the hot broth and the remaining ingredients, stir well and keep the
fire until it begins to boil.
- Cover the source, put it in the oven, preheated to 180 ºC for 1 hour and 30
minutes or until tender.
- Serve hot.
 Categories:  Bovine, Hungarian
 Estimated Serving:  4
 Estimated preparation time:  120 min.
 Language:  English
 Shared by:  alessandra    2010/09/27
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