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 Meat croquettes
     150 g veal flank  50 g Serrano ham
     1 chicken breast  2 cloves garlic
     1/2 medium onion  ground pepper to taste
     olive oil to taste  salt to taste
     4 tablespoons flour  1/2 liter milk
     3 eggs  breadcrumbs to taste
1- Peel the onion and garlic and put them to cook with the veal, chicken, few
grains of pepper and salt, cook for about 30 minutes.
2- Remove the meat and chop.
3- For the bechamel sauce put a little olive oil, and began to heat, on that base
we take 4 tablespoons of flour and stir to create a thick dough.
4- Add milk at this dough, stir endlessly.
5- The milk will make the dough will become less dense, when the consistency is
creamy enough stop adding milk.
6- We should be careful that the dough do not stay liquid, so then we could not
amass the croquettes.
7- To this bechamel sauce add the minced meat included the ham, mix all and let it
8- When cool we shape the croquettes, for this we take small portions, give them
shape and coated by passing firt through the beaten egg and then the
9- The croquettes would be ready, only be missing frying.
10- Serve hot and garnish to taste.
11- One trick for the coated is shaping dough first and then make the coated, is
faster and thus can use one hand for the egg and another just for the
breadcrumbs and avoid creating a mass in the fingers.
 Categories:  Appetizer, Chicken, Bovine
 Estimated Serving:  4
 Estimated preparation time:  105 min.
 Language:  English
 Shared by:  elaine    2010/09/08
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