In addition to its Web interface, ReLiSimple provides you with 3 other interfaces that can be downloaded and run natively on your own devices.
ReLiSimple for PC/Mac (Free download)
To download the ReLiSimple version compatible with your computer, click on the corresponding link.
 (Available now)  System Requirements
 (Available now)  System Requirements
ReLiSimple for iPhone/iPod Touch
ReLiSimple for iPhone/iPod Touch can be obtained from iTunes App Store. Click on the link below to launch the App Store and download ReLiSimple for iPhone/iPod Touch.
iPhone  (Available now)
ReLiSimple for iPad
If you want to download the ReLiSimple application for your iPad, you can find it on the iTunes App Store. Click the link below to go there and download ReLiSimple for iPad.
iPad  (Available now)
Download today to start living the ReLiSimple experience, recipes and shopping lists made simple.
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