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    Ají de Conejo Cuy (Hot Spicy Guinea Pig )
    Ají de fideo (spicy noodles)
    Aji de fideo (traditional hot spicy noodles)
    Ají de Lengua (Spicy Beef Tongue)
    Beef Stew
    Bolivian fricase
    Bolivian kebab
    Bolivian picante de pollo
    Bolivian Pork Ribs
    Bread soup
    Buñuelos (Fried dough)
    Buñuelos (Sweet fried dough)
    Chairo paceño (Bolivian soup)
    Chajchu (traditional stew)
    Chank'a de Conejo Cuy (Guinea Pig Stew)
    Chank'a de Pollo (Bolivian soup)
    Charque (Sun dried meat)
    Chicken and Pork Pie
    Chicken Pie (Other)
    Christmas panettone
    Chuño Phuti (Freeze dried potatoes)
    Cinnamon ice cream
    Cuñapé (Cheese and Cassava Bread)
    Cuñapes (Bolivian cheese bread)
    Easy Baked Custard
    Easy Meatballs
    Easy Peanut Soup
    Escabeche Caliente de Pollo (Pickled Chicken)
    Fake rabbit
    Fideo Phutti (macaroni with cheese and eggs)
    Hot Chili Steak
    Huminta a la Olla (Spicy Corn Appetizer)
    Huminta a la Olla (Sweet Corn Apettizer)
    Keperi (Traditional Bolivian dish)
    Lambreado de Conejo Cuy (Fried Guinea Pig)
    Lemon mousse
    Llajua ( Bolivian hot sauce)
    Locoto Relleno (Stuffed Andean Hot Chili)
    Majadito Aguado (Meat and rice dish)
    New Year's Roasted Pork
    Nogada de Cordero (Lamb Stew)
    Papa a la Huancaína (Potato with Spicy Peanut Sauce)
    Pasteles de Navidad con Jigote (Beef turnovers)
    Peanut Soup
    Pickled Vegetables
    Pique Macho
    Pique macho (traditional Bolivian dish)
    Plato paceño (traditional Bolivian dish)
    Pork ribs
    Puchero de Carnaval (Traditional Carnival dish )
    Ranga (Rumen Stew)
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