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    Anchi (Dessert)
    Argentine criole sauce
    Argentine criole stew
    Argentine empanadas
    Breaded eye round steak with bittersweet peppers
    Buri Soup
    Carbonada en zapallo (Pumpkin stew)
    Chicken casserole
    Chicken in creole sauce
    Chupe de leche
    Dulce de leche alfajores
    Empanadillas argentinas (Argentine pasties)
    Estofado Criollo (Argentine stew)
    Farm cake
    Festive salad
    Gaznates argentinos (Pastries)
    Grilled Meat
    Humita en Chala (Corn Appetizer)
    Locro con Carne de Pecho (Argentine Stew)
    Matambre (Stuffed rolled beef)
    Matambre relleno (Filled rolled beef)
    Papaya salad
    Pastries from mendoza
    Rice stuffed pineapple
    Rio de la plata sea bass
    Rotini Pasta with Garlic Prawns
    Sponge cake with condensed milk
    Stew with fruit
    Tail soup
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