About ReLiSimple
Recipes and Shopping Lists made Simple
What is ReLiSimple?
ReLiSimple is a software application to help you maintain recipes and shopping lists and runs on 5 different platforms:
1. iPhone
2. PC
3. Mac
4. Web
5. iPad
In addition, the ReLiSimple Web site has a shared library of recipes contributed by people all over the world. Feel free to register and share your own recipes. We are sure there are others that will enjoy them just as much as you do.
ReLiSimple Application Features
Even professional chefs need to consult recipes now and then. With ReLiSimple, you can organize your recipes and even carry them with you on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. With ReLiSimple Recipes you can:
- Store and categorize your recipes.
- Email recipes to a friend.
- Share your recipes with the world.
- Load shared recipes from the ReLiSimple Web site.
- Load a recipes ingredients into a shopping list.
- Synchronize your recipes with ReLiSimple on different interfaces.
Shopping list
There are two types of people. Those who go to the store with a shopping list and those who wish they had. How many times have you arrived home after shopping only to realize that you purchased everything except the main thing you went to the store for in the first place? With ReLiSimple, you can conveniently carry your shopping list with you on your iPhone or iPod Touch. With ReLiSimple Shopping Lists you can:
- Create multiple shopping lists.
- Indicate and easily view which items have been purchased.
- Load a shopping list with the ingredients of a recipe.
- Easily load a shopping list with items you have previously purchased.
- Receive a list of suggested items to add to your shopping list, based on past purchases.
- Synchronize your shopping lists with ReLiSimple on different interfaces.
One of the key features of the ReLiSimple application is synchronization. This allows you to run ReLiSimple on different devices and keep them all up to date. When you synchronize ReLiSimple from one particular device, it synchronizes with the “cloud”. This means that the data is synchronized out there somewhere in cyberspace, but exactly where is not important. You can then synchronize ReLiSimple on another device and it will synchronize with the same cloud and will be in the same state as the first device.
iPhone/iPod Touch
While ReLiSimple can be useful with its PC, Mac and Web interfaces, its true power comes from its iPhone interface. You can natively run ReLiSimple on any iPhone or iPod Touch that is running at least the 2.0 firmware. Thus, you can take your recipes and shopping lists with you. In addition, using ReLiSimple’s synchronization, you can enter recipes and shopping lists on your PC or Mac and synchronize them to your iPhone or iPod Touch. This will give you both the ease of data entry of the PC interface and the convenience and portability of the iPhone interface.
If you find your iPhone too small to view your recipes or uncomfortable for entering them, now the ReLiSimple team offers you the ReLiSimple app for the iPad. With ReLiSimple for iPad, you will enjoy all the usual features but now with the convenience and portability of the iPad.
Example scenarios
Scenario 1
You have a hot date where you are going to cook for your girlfriend at her place. You first ensure that you have your best romantic music loaded on your iPhone. You then ensure that ReLiSimple running on your iPhone is loaded with the recipes that you will prepare. With just a couple of touches, you load the ingredients of what you are going to make into a shopping list and you leave with everything you need. You have a shopping list ready for when you drop by the store before going to her house, you have the recipes with you for when you are preparing the meal and you have the romantic music for what comes later.
Scenario 2
You want to go to the store and not forget anything. Since you have been using ReLiSimple for a while now, you can easily add items to your shopping list with a single touch. You go into your pantry with your iPhone in hand and looking at what you have, and more importantly, what you don’t have, you quickly and easily create a shopping list. You didn’t have to kill any trees to manually write out a shopping list. With just a few touches, you are on your way using ReLiSimple Shopping Lists in your pantry to create the list and in the grocery store as a checklist to know what you still need to get.
Scenario 3
Your wife is at the house and wants you to pick some things up at the store on your way home. So she gets on the PC and creates a Shopping List and synchronizes ReLiSimple with the cloud. Since you share the same ReLiSimple account, when you synchronize ReLiSimple on your iPhone with the cloud, you will receive on your iPhone the shopping list created by your wife. You drop by the store on your way home with a convenient shopping list in your hand.
Simplicity and power
With ReLiSimple, you have the simplicity of an easy to use application for managing recipes and shopping lists using the interface of your choice. Add to that the convenience and portability of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices and the power of synchronization and we are sure that you can come up with your own scenarios for using this simply powerful application.
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